Difference between HSE and QHSE

time: 2019-06-11

1.HSE is short for Health, Safety and Environment management system.

The HSE management system is an organic integration of the organizational structure, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources of the organization and implementation of health, safety and environment management.

These elements are organically integrated through advanced, scientific and systematic operation mode, and interact with each other to form a dynamic management system.

2.QHSE management system refers to the management system that commands and controls the organization in terms of Quality, Health, Safety and environment.

It is an integrated management system based on ISO9001 standard, ISO14001 standard, GB/T28000 family standard and SY/T6276 health, safety and environment management system of petroleum and natural gas industry.


3. It can be seen that there is no difference in definitions between HSE and QHSE.

The difference is that companies focus on different things. For example, the average manufacturing company likes to use HSE, such as leather companies, with an emphasis on environmental protection.

Extended information:

1. Requirements and objectives of QHSE management:

Meet the needs of customers, ensure the safety of employees and protect the surrounding environment.

To meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent, so that no accident, no injury, no loss.

2. Features of QHSE management system:

Integrity, hierarchy, persistence, adaptability, is the whole staff, all - round and the whole process of the management system.

3. Working methods:

PDCA cycle: plan, implement, check and improve

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