How to implement QHSE system audit?

time: 2019-06-11

1. Establish management policies and unify management objectives

QHSE policy and objective are the general guiding ideology and code of conduct of the organization in QHSE management, and the basis and guidance for the establishment and operation of the system. The establishment of the enterprise's QHSE policy and objectives shall be based on the results of the initial review, the relevant QHSE laws and regulations, the management strategy policy of the superior company, the HSE policy objectives, the QHSE status of the petroleum enterprise, the characteristics of hazardous quality and the scale of the enterprise. According to the above requirements, the QHSE policy and objectives of a sinopec oil company are determined as follows:

Policy: safety first, prevention first; Improve the quality and expand the market; All hands, comprehensive management; Improving the environment and protecting health; Scientific management and sustainable development.

Objective: no accident, no harm to human health, no damage to the environment, work quality qualified rate of 99%.

2. Establish special management agencies to strengthen unified management

Organization is the guarantee of activities. In the enterprise management system, there must be departments and personnel specially responsible for the QHSE management system. This set of organizations is a parallel structure with the business organization system of the enterprise, which itself is an independent vertical management system. The system consists of QHSE management committee comprehensive guidance, enterprise top management as a management committee, director of the management representative appointed by top management but also, the ac has special functions (QHSE management department), QHSE activities to conduct a comprehensive management of enterprise, the unit can be installed parallel to other departments, can also be half a level higher than other departments. Production units at the grass-roots level QHSE management shall be the responsibility of the unit leader, unit equipped with full-time inspectors, suit the QHSE management of the enterprise, the specific guidance to all positions at the grass-roots level and supervision, and then through the specific division of functions, make the enterprise QHSE activities all specific responsibility to departments and individuals, ensure all kinds of problems and traceability of responsibility. In this way, we should ensure that everyone performs his or her own duties and responsibilities.

3. Strive to create conditions and improve hardware facilities

The establishment and operation of QHSE management system and the implementation of various activities are inseparable from the support of resources. The enterprise manager shall improve the resource allocation of the enterprise's QHSE management system step by step under the existing resource conditions, and shall not make unrealistic commitments regardless of financial and material resources, or turn a blind eye to the fund, technology and other problems in QHSE activities on the pretext of insufficient resources, or delay and delay, leaving hidden dangers of accidents.

4. Strengthen system construction and realize system management

QHSE management is a typical system management. Enterprises must establish corresponding responsibility system, education system, inspection system, accident statistics, report and handling system, pre-evaluation system, and the procedure system and operating rules of activities. Enterprise should according to their own production, management characteristics, according to the requirements of QHSE system elements, perfecting the corresponding system, make the enterprise all the 'process' of QHSE management system to guide and constraint, no system of 'vacuum' management, system of systematic and integrity, ensure everything someone responsible, there is everything, everything is well documented, and supervision in all things.

5. Strengthen publicity and education, enhance the awareness of quality, safety and environmental protection

QHSE management is a management mode that all employees participate in, and it is also a management mode that embodies humanistic thinking. Through continuous and extensive publicity and education, all employees must understand the market situation, understand the importance of QHSE management, and enhance the awareness of quality, safety, environmental protection and health. Only when employees understand and accept the QHSE management mode in terms of ideology, can they consciously improve their skills, self-regulate their behaviors and implement the system. Otherwise, employees will have one set in front of them and another set behind them, leaving some potential accidents. In addition, the QHSE management system is a continuously improved management system, which requires all employees to think more and innovate in their own posts, constantly surpass themselves, and optimize the working procedures and methods. Therefore, some publicity and education activities should be carried out in a planned, organized and multi-forms to make QHSE management ideas deeply rooted in people's hearts and turn into employees' conscious behaviors.

6. Carry out supporting reforms and establish incentive and restraint mechanisms

Choose advanced management mode has a premise, it must have a reasonable mechanism. The mechanism is not reasonable, the role of people is brought into play, the system cannot be put into effect, the advanced management mode cannot operate. For enterprise QHSE management, an effective incentive and constraint mechanism must be established. At present, it is difficult for some oil enterprises to really establish incentive and restraint mechanism, the reasons are various, mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the employment system restrictions, the lack of mechanism for employees to get in and out, so that some employees have nothing to fear; Second, the salary system is limited, the income gap of employees is not large, the incentive effect of remuneration can not be reflected; Third, different units within the enterprise in the distribution of interests is not reasonable, some of the benefits and interests of enterprises are difficult to be reflected and protected. Therefore, oil enterprises must carry out reform in these aspects. Without reform, the QHSE management model cannot be implemented or cannot reach the management objectives.

7. Promote information exchange and management of contractors and suppliers

Under the condition of modern market economy, business contracting and supplier cooperation have become common economic activities. The specialization of the oil industry is a developing trend, especially in the oil production area. In addition to oil production, a large number of businesses have to be outsourced, and the activities of contractors directly affect the QHSE activities of enterprises. In addition, the quality of equipment and materials supplied by the supplier, whether they meet the design and production requirements, also directly affects the QHSE activities of the enterprise. Therefore, QHSE behaviors of contractors and suppliers should also be controlled. The first is to select contractors and suppliers through strict bidding. Secondly, through information exchange, the company's policies and policies will influence the contractors and suppliers. Third, the quality, safety, environment and health contents shall be stipulated when the contract is signed, so that the behaviors of contractors and suppliers are consistent with the enterprise's QHSE management system. Only in this way can we improve the QHSE management level of petroleum enterprises and achieve the QHSE management objectives.

8. Strengthen the construction and management of corporate culture

Enterprise culture is a kind of code of conduct formed in the production and management activities of an enterprise in a long period of time, which is embodied in enterprise spirit, leadership thinking, staff consciousness and code of conduct. It consists of four parts: concept culture, management and legal culture, behavior culture and material culture. Corporate culture can change all regulations on people's conscious psychological activities and behavioral norms. The oil companies can be dug itself has many excellent cultural subject, in digging the potential at the same time, to establish the enterprise culture management program, the management of the enterprise culture system, constantly forming petroleum enterprise culture, make each work of the petroleum enterprise is established on the basis of the broadest masses, establish in the management of procedural transparency.

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