QHSE management system

time: 2019-06-11

QHSE management system to achieve enterprise QHSE standardized management, the quality, health, safety and environment management mode is systematically integrated to create a set of scientific, systematic, perfect and standardized information system that covers the whole enterprise. The content of business module is shown in the following figure:

Quality management: including quality analysis, quality control, quality improvement, comparative analysis, satisfaction survey, quality complaint, quality event record, quality assessment;

Occupational health: including occupational health monitoring, labor prevention supplies management and physical examination management;

Safety management: including safety committee management, major hazard sources, safety facilities management, project safety management, hazardous chemicals management, emergency plan drill, safety education and training, risk management, safety observation, project iii simultaneous management, etc.;

Environmental protection: including environmental monitoring management, environmental equipment operation management, index control, waste management and environmental identification;

Inspection and rectification: including inspection and rectification setting, inspection and rectification statistics, inspection and rectification record management, inspection and rectification statistical analysis, etc.;

Equipment management: including equipment basic information management, equipment inspection, equipment maintenance, equipment maintenance, equipment shutdown, equipment recovery, equipment scrap;

System management: including document record management, internal audit management, external audit management, management review, target indicators, related party management, laws and regulations;

Fire control and rescue: including vehicle management, personnel management, equipment management, etc.

Personnel management: post management, department post management, enterprise staff, department staff, external staff management, supplier process management;

System management: including organizational structure, application management, menu management, system parameter configuration, custom information aggregation, etc.

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