Beijing Junlean Engineering Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Junlean) is an engineering technology service co., Ltd., is committed to enterprise  management consulting, EPC project management, engineering and technical services, quality, occupational health and safety and environment (QHSE) management services, energy management with risk as the core technology such as technical services consulting, management consulting, risk assessment, asset integrity management, and other services.

Since the establishment of the company, the expert team composed of company experts has led project management activities in many industries and fields. Customer service covers electricity, energy, oil and gas development and production, refining and petrochemical industry, fine chemical, dangerous chemical industry, storage and transportation, EPC projects and other fields of quality, safety, health, environmental protection, energy (QSHEE) management consulting, process safety management, technical advice, technical training, safety status diagnosis assessment, hidden perils, the safety visual, safety production standardization construction, safety and environment related computer software development and other services.

The company consists of technology department, consulting department and engineering department, which are mainly responsible for technology development and application, enterprise management consulting service and EPC project management consulting service respectively.

Junlean has strong professional and technical strength, with 15 full-time staff and more than 30 external experts. Bachelor degree or above, more than 90% of employees, has a number of senior professional and technical titles account for more than 60%, including your major professional and technical personnel management, enterprise management, engineering management, drilling engineering, oil and gas process, petrochemical, machinery, equipment, instruments, electrical automation, storage and transportation, safety engineering, computer science and technology, animation design and production, etc. Most of them have been engaged in management work in related industries for many years and have rich professional knowledge and work experience.

To improve customer satisfaction, quality and service is the principle of junlian's service and consulting business. High-quality staff, strict company management, comprehensive and optimized project management process, continuous learning and research, efficient communication and coordination, continuous innovation and continuous improvement are the key to win customer trust.

Our service purpose is: Your requirements of safety are our responsibility!

Our slogan is: Connect with us, More safety and prosperity!

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