What does business management consulting mainly do

time: 2019-06-11

Management consulting is an investment behavior for enterprises. Through the services provided by management consulting companies, the management level of enterprises can be improved, so as to improve the operation efficiency of enterprises. Since it is an investment, it is necessary to calculate the input and output, output > input, 'value'; Output < input is 'not worth it'. So what is the value of management consulting to clients? According to yiteng consulting, there are mainly four aspects:

1. Scheme value. Consulting consultants according to the actual situation of the customer, the use of knowledge and experience, to provide customers with consulting solutions. This is also the main project objective agreed upon by most consulting projects with the client.

2. Transfer knowledge and experience. During the implementation of the consulting project, consultants communicate advanced management concepts, methods and tools to customers through course training, interviews, meetings and daily communication.

3. Talent cultivation. During the implementation of the consulting project, I helped the customer management team to accept the management concept, management method, management plan, etc., so as to improve the management staff's skills and qualities.

4. Consulting performance effect. After the implementation of the consulting project, due to the improvement effect of the management consulting project on the management level of customers, it directly or indirectly creates value for customers.

These four aspects of value, the most direct measure is the fourth - advisory performance effect. This is also the final and most important value of the consulting project.

In order to measure the performance, first of all, we need to choose the operational performance indicators that can be quantified. Yiteng consulting can usually provide customers with the operational performance that can be measured in a short period of time, including the improvement of on-time delivery rate, the reduction of inventory occupied funds, the reduction of accounts receivable and bad debts, etc.

Through the comparison and analysis of these indicators, it can be used to directly measure the benefits obtained by a consulting project, and it can give the consultant and the recipient a value identification standard.

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