Explosion-proof electrical

Explosion-proof electrical equipment

Mainly refers to the electrical equipment used in dangerous places, inflammable and explosive places. The commonly used explosion-proof electrical equipment is mainly divided into explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof transformers, explosion-proof switches and explosion-proof lamps.

In order to strengthen the management of explosion-proof electrical equipment, put an end to electrical failure, prevent electrical equipment from becoming ignition source, and ensure safe production in explosion-proof places.

The management of explosion-proof electrical equipment can be consulted from the following aspects:


Selection of explosion-proof equipment


Purchase and acceptance of explosion-proof electrical equipment

Scope of procurement management

Explosion mark and nameplate

Explosion proof certificate and inquiry

Purchasing and supply management

Acceptance management


Installation of explosion-proof electrical equipment

Installation of flameproof type 'd' electrical equipment

Installation of cable wiring

Installation of steel pipe wiring

Steel pipe protection for cable wiring

Sealing of idle port



Maintenance, regular inspection and continuous supervision of explosion-proof electrical equipment

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