Performance ability

HSE capability assessment:

In order to achieve the essential safety of human beings and eliminate HSE accidents caused by unsafe human factors, scientific theories, methods and procedures are applied to collect relevant data and information to analyze and evaluate the HSE performance capability of managers and operators according to the requirements of HSE performance.

Timing of assessment:Before new employees take up the post and before the transfer, promotion or regular

Objectives of the assessment:

Strengthen the implementation of all safety and environmental responsibility

Understand the actual status of employees' HSE performance ability

Identify common weaknesses in employees' overall HSE capabilities

In accordance with the principle of 'what to do, what to learn' and 'what to lack, what to make up for', we urge employees to master the knowledge of safety and environmental protection, be familiar with the tools and methods of safety and environmental protection management, improve the safety and environmental protection performance ability of posts, and ensure that the comprehensive HSE ability meets the requirements of risk control (matching ability and post).

To promote the implementation of conscious leadership, HSE line responsibility and territorial responsibility

Promote safe production

Evaluation model


Project process


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